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Department of Prosthodontics

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Stipends & Expenses

Stipends and reduced resident tuition are available for most students. The amount of the stipend is based on available funding. Historically, the Department of Prosthodontics has awarded stipends every year. Residents who receive full scholarships from outside sources (e.g., their home government) are not eligible for stipends.



Stipend for 2012-13: $11,000
Estimated Annual Program Expenses (2012-13) Projected1

Certificate Only Certificate
Certificate Program Tuition $10722
Graduate College Tuition $0
Mandatory University Fees $4692
College of Dentistry Instrumental Rental $30002
International Student Fees $175
Program Fee (Only for graduates of dental schools not accredited by the ADA) $10,0005
Health Insurance (Basic coverage for student only; Waived with proof of acceptable coverage) $1440
Books, supplies, and equipment $1090
Additional First Semester Expenses: $1090
Camera, Articulators, Course Fee $3800
International Student Orientation Fee $250
Room & Board $51756
Personal Expense $18526
Transportation $4456
International students without a U.S. recognized DDS in the Prosthodontics Certificate program only will pay $6830.00 per year for tuition and all of the fees listed above.
  1. Tuition and fees subject to change.
  2. Payable half at the beginning of Spring semesters.
  3. Payable $846 beginning of Summer, and $1692 beginning of both Fall and Spring Semesters.
  4. Payable $241 beginning of Summer and $361 beginning of both Fall and Spring semesters.
  5. Payable beginning of Fall semester.
  6. Additional living expenses for one semester that are estimates of actual cost.